Whoops. Had most of this sitting in draft mode.  So I’ll post it up with some new stuff I was gonna post…

The brewery down the road has a beer on tap that uses Eureka hops. Wow I had to have these. Like cedar siding in the basement kind of action.

I was going to be making an Amber any way so let’s do both.

ZERG THE PINES   5 gallon

  • 10 lb 2 row
  • 1/2 lb 60L
  • 1/2 lb 40L
  • 2 oz chocolate malt (500 but probably shoulda went 350)
  • 1 oz pearl @ 60
  • 1 oz Eureka @ 5
  • Nottingham yeast
  • Mashed 154

Should be kegging this up today so will have some feed back soon.

Also managed to beat the birds to some currants this year. 

Got about 3 lbs before the mosquitos drove me out. Be looking for a reddish blond coming out soon!