First a quick update on the Golden ale made for the Wine Walk. The beer was a big hit.  We were billing it as a cream ale, but I would have called it a blonde ale. Light,  slightly malty with just the faintest of hops. As good of reception that this received, there is no doubt it will be brewed again. 

Moving on to this weekends brew. For our February club meeting we are brewing with oats. Oat malt,  flaked oats, oatmeal… Stuff like that. I figure there will be a few oatmeal stouts,  so I went the other way. A Pale Oatmeal mild

I was looking to get something light colored, but decent body,  and very low hopped to showcase the oatmeal. I came up with.. 

  • 4lbs maris otter
  • 1.5lbs oatmeal
  • 1/4 lbs 40L crystal
  • . 75oz Fuggles @60
  • Nottingham yeast
  • Mashed at 156

This beer hands down is the best smelling beer of the year. Even the kids came downstairs to see what I was making. But cloudy.. Wow.  Pretty sure this will never drop out by February. 

I took several pics but none of them captured how hazy this really is. I can’t wait to see how this one comes out.  

Next I have to try to replicate the heavily caramelized Ipa for an upcoming contest.